Dianna Agron is my wife, be jealous. * - *
Hey there, I'm Damian Mc Ginty, but you may know me better as Rory Flanagan, of the american show Glee. I'm Irish, and I'm 20 years old, I just released my album, and I'm very happy about it, I am currently working hard on my singing career, sorry ladies, but this stallion is already tamed, I'm married with the incredibly beautiful Dianna Agron, wich I have a daughter with, her name is Ella, and we are living together in Dianna's house.

(This is an RP account, I am not the real Damian)

Christmas eve | Diamian

Damian was watching TV in his and Dianna room, when Dianna asked him to help her wrap the gifts, he would do everything possible to resist her this time, he didn’t want her to get hurt anymore, he didn’t want to hurt her again, so he would do everything possible  to not have sex with her this time, he was determined to wait until she was completely healed. Damian went downstairs and went to the living room where Dianna was wrapping gifts “Hey” he said as he sat on the couch beside her.

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    "Sure," he smiled as he began to pet the head of Dianna and Ella, to help Dianna sleep.
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    Dianna smiled as he took Ella and she rolled over on her side to face them before trying to get some sleep. “Can I...